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Join the HOF Class of 2015 as it explores the wonderful, exciting land known as 'Twitter World'

The latest stop on the victory tour for the most recent electees into the National Baseball Hall of Fame included a 21st century staple: a Twitter Q&A.  

So Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz spent Wednesday afternoon answering a smattering of questions from fans online. For Johnson and Martinez, who have Twitter accounts of their own, it was old hat. But for Biggio and Smoltz, it was a brave new world.

The social media-fueled Q&As were full of spectacular tidbits of info about the Class of 2015.

We learned that Pedro was a carbo-loader:

And the one guy Smoltz hated to face as a batter. We'll give you one guess:

Though actually, Smoltz went a respectable 2-for-13 against Martinez in his career. Better than some others -- like Ken Griffey Jr. -- fared. 

It turns out that Biggio is a bit of a '90s hipster -- better get him a spot on Portlandia

Johnson thinks he's lost a bit since his retirement five years ago, but we're going to politely disagree: 

And career highlights for Smoltz and Martinez are a couple of no-brainers:

You can check out the whole Q&A session on MLB's Twitter timeline

So what did our Twitter novices think of the whole experience?

"I don't do Twitter, as you can tell," Biggio said.

Smoltz ended with a tagline: "Twitter World: I don't know anything about it."