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Jonathan Papelbon has second annual identity crisis, wears Carlos Ruiz jersey on the mound

Jonathan Papelbon wears Carlos Ruiz jersey on mound

For the second year in a row, with Spring Training coming to a close, Jonathan Papelbon has forgotten who he is.

When the pitcher entered the ninth inning of Wednesday's Phillies-Rays Spring Training game, he took the mound not as himself, but as catcher Carlos Ruiz.


It was a repeat of last March, and we remain filled with questions. What is it about the end of Spring Training that sends Papelbon into a blistering loss of identity? 

Perhaps this is merely an annual, temporary "Freaky Friday"-esque body swap. Or perhaps the two are attempting to fuse into a one-body battery tandem named PapelRuiz, and they can only do it with a certain number of hours until the season begins each year.

We just hope he remembers that he is 34-year-old Jonathan Robert Papelbon from Baton Rouge, La., and not 36-year-old Carlos Joaquin Ruiz from Chiriqui, Panama, in time for the Phillies' opener on April 6. 

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