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Jose Abreu was just a bit too short to catch this chopper to first

At 6-foot-3, Jose Abreu is about five inches taller than the United States average. Abreu is even pretty tall for an MLBer -- for reference, he's roughly nine inches taller than Jose Altuve. In other words, he's definitely not short.

And yet, he was not tall enough on Wednesday night.


When Sam Fuld hit a chopper to first in the ninth inning of Wednesday's 9-4 White Sox win over the A's, the ball bounced in the dirt and flew up over the base. Even while jumping with an outstretched glove, Abreu could not reach it. In the battle of Abreu versus the bouncing chopper, the bouncing chopper came out victorious. 

And so, the last out of the game eluded Abreu and the White Sox -- until Josh Reddick hit a grounder to first two batters later that Abreu definitely wasn't too short to field.