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Jose Altuve slides into third with a triple, quickly realizes his pants just ripped

If the trials and tribulations of one SpongeBob SquarePants have taught us anything, it's that Krabby Pants will go right to your thighs no one ever wants to dance with a fool who's gone and ripped his pants:

Poor Jose Altuve had to learn this the hard way during Monday's Angels-Astros game. Things began so well: After flying around the bases, Altuve slid triumphantly into third ready to celebrate his big triple. And then, a look down, and ... hey, is it drafty in here? 

Altuve pants

Chin up though, Jose. Not only did the Astros go on to beat the Angels, 6-3, but SpongeBob is here with some friendly advice: Just round up some of your friends for an impromptu musical performance (might we suggest Orbit?) and all will be forgiven: