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Jose Bautista responds to wild pitch with a monster my-bat-does-the-talking homer

Bautista responds to wild pitch with monster homer

In the bottom of the seventh inning of Tuesday evening's Blue Jays-Orioles game, O's reliever Jason Garcia threw a pitch behind Jose Bautista that made the Jays right fielder snap up straight. Bautista did not particularly appreciate that.

So three offerings later, he responded to Garcia's pitch the way anyone -- or any professional ballplayer who has touched one of Babe Ruth's bats -- would respond to such a perceived slight. He smashed a two-run homer:


And after letting his bat do the talking, Bautista and Adam Jones also had some words about the incident to begin the next inning:


This isn't even the first time Bautista has done something like this. When O's reliever Darren O'Day threw a wild pitch Bautista's way a week prior, Bautista did the same exact thing:

After the game, Bautista explained the homer to's Gregor Chisholm:

"I'm an emotional player, I play with a lot of passion. You throw at me and I'm not going to forget and if I get you right after I'm going to enjoy it and I did. I have no regrets about it."

We hear tell that Bautista responds similarly every time someone cuts him off on the highway: He drives to an open field, pulls over to the side of the road, gets out of his car, removes a baseball and a tee from his trunk and then sends the ball into outer space. 

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