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Jose Bautista touches a Babe Ruth bat before game, hits home run during game

Bautista touches Ruth's bat, hits home run

Remember that time those aliens got ahold of the talents of NBA greats such as Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues and Patrick Ewing?

Well, besides the whole alien thing, this is kind of like that. Before his game against the Orioles on Sunday, Jose Bautista visited the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards. Babe Ruth, who's from Baltimore, has his very own exhibit with bats, jerseys and other historical artifacts. The Blue Jays outfielder took a liking to a very specific piece of lumber:

Yup, Ruth's bat from 1927. The season in which he hit a career-high 60 home runs and slashed at an ungodly .356/.486/.772 rate. So yeah, you can probably guess what Bautista did during Sunday's game ...

The power of The Babe compels you!

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