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The Marlins fan who hasn't cut his hair since Jose Fernandez's surgery is preparing to buy a razor

Marlins fan hasn't cut hair since Fernandez's surgery

Marlins ace and former National League Rookie of the Year Jose Fernandez underwent Tommy John surgery on May 16, 2014 -- 383 days ago -- and Andres Salgado hasn't cut a hair on his head since. The result: 


"When Jose went in for Tommy John surgery, I made a promise that I wasn't going to cut my hair or shave my face until he was pitching [on the mound] for our Miami Marlins," Salgado explained at Tuesday night's Cubs-Marlins game at Marlins Park.

His vigil might be nearing an end soon. The Marlins plan to bring Fernandez back sometime in early July, and after an extended spring game on Monday, he seems to be right on track -- the right-hander notched seven strikeouts against 10 batters.


What does Fernandez's impending return mean for Salgado and the rest of the Miami faithful?

"It means I have to go and start buying razor products again. … For the Marlin fans, it means we're getting an ace pitcher."

Who's excited?

Video and reporting by Joseph Cervone, / Real-Time Correspondent. 

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