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Josh Donaldson wants to use Phil Collins as his walk-up music next season

Josh Donaldson to walk up to Phil Collins in 2015

Hey guys, what's that in the air tonight? Is it snow? Is it the sound of Santa's jolly laughter? Nope! It's your favorite third baseman and mine, Josh Donaldson, coming up to the plate:

But he's not the only one who's been waiting for this moment all of his life. Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz also walks up to the former Genesis drummer. Can MLB bear the weight of TWO Phil Collins walk-up songs? In case either player decides to change his mind, we've compiled a list of possible alternatives:

This was the No. 1 single the year Ruiz was born. Alas, the No.1 single from the year of Donaldson's birth is already taken:

This song also manages to convey a certain amount of atmospheric creepiness and, just like "In the Air Tonight," also has a music video full of giant faces.

If Phil Collins is off the table, a song that samples him is the next best thing. Say what you will about Shaq's musical career, but he knew his '80s hits.

Just to throw the pitcher for a loop.  

And, of course, Donaldson offers an alternative of his own: 

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