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The only thing more impressive than Martin Prado's diving grab is Justin Bour's somersault

Bour does somersault to haul in Prado throw

Martin Prado plays at the hot corner for the Marlins, so it's no surprise that he's got the kind of reflexes that would make most felines jealous. But first baseman Justin Bour isn't exactly known for being quick on his feet, which is what makes their cooperation this afternoon so impressive.

The Fish were up on the Braves, 7-3, in the seventh inning when Daniel Castro tried to sneak a double down the left-field line. Prado doesn't think that's such a good idea, so he goes full-extension toward the bag and makes a miraculous snag. Perhaps even more impressive was that he was able to get his feet underneath him and fire a throw across the diamond to Bour, who caps the play off with a graceful tumble:


Sadly, they only took home the silver medal because the judge gave Bour a 3.6 on the landing.

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