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Padres manager pulls Justin Upton from game as part of awesome Trade Deadline prank

Upton, Kemp benched as part of Trade Deadline prank

The Trade Deadline is, to put it mildly, a pretty crazy time. So, the baseball world looks for clues -- anything that might give us some idea of what's about to happen to our favorite players and teams. We frantically refresh Twitter. We await word from Deadline-whisperer John Axford. And above all, we have Hug Watch: Breathlessly watching games to see if a player will be suddenly pulled from action and start bidding farewell to his teammates, signaling that he's been dealt.

You can imagine the anticipation, then, after a surprising development in the Padres-Mets game on Wednesday: San Diego's Justin Upton was removed from the game in the eighth inning for no apparent reason. Had another Deadline domino fallen? Where would he be going? What was going on? The baseball world was full of questions, and Padres interim manager Pat Murphy had the answers:


Uh oh, guys, the teams are on to us. It would appear that we can add "triple-check to make sure no one's trolling you" to the rumor-tracking process. 

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