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Royals bring sweep party from Kauffman Stadium to downtown Kansas City, celebrate with fans

Royals, fans celebrate sweep at downtown bar

What do you do when you sweep the team with MLB's best record in your first postseason series in 29 years? If you're the Royals, you invite all of Kansas City out to McFadden's bar to celebrate.

After closing out the Angels 8-3 at home in Game 3 of the ALDS, the Royals, appropriately, went bananas.





And then around 1 a.m., the Royals took the celebration from Kauffman Stadium to McFadden's bar in Kansas City, inviting all their loyal fans (*Royals Loyals, trademark pending) to join them.

First baseman Eric Hosmer, who did his part during the game Sunday night with a home run in the third inning, also did his part during the party at McFadden's -- by opening up the bar with his own personal tab.

The people of K.C. thank you, Hosmer.

Royals players spent the night celebrating with their fans …

… and even catching a few of their own game highlights:

Last night, all of Kansas City was in party mode. We can only imagine the celebration if the Royals win the ALCS ...

h/t Deadpsin 

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