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All other mascots just got served by this incredible KBO dancing dinosaur

KBO dinosaur mascot wins epic dance-off

MLB mascots have a bevy of talents: Shooting hot dogs with primo accuracy, trolling Big Papi with impromptu tea parties, devouring full-grown adult humans in one clean chomp ... the list goes on. 

But we have yet to see the mascots in this hemisphere recreate a scene from "You Got Served" on top of a dugout between innings with the surgical precision of this dancing dino from the Korean Baseball Organization:


That's Dandi the Tyrannosaurus, the mascot for the NC Dinos. That split of his certainly seemed to take the cake in a dance-off during the team's 5-4 win over the Nexen Heroes.

OK, MLB mascots: Better get Darrin Henson on the horn. (Yes, that's the guy who did the choreography for the "Bye Bye Bye" video.)

[h/t MyKBO]