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Keith Hernandez says he still makes $3,000 a year from 'Seinfeld' royalties

Keith Hernandez makes $3,000/year from 'Seinfeld'

Keith Hernandez accumulated 2,182 hits over his 16-year MLB career, winning the 1979 NL MVP and making four All-Star Games in the process. He won 11 Gold Glove Awards, started at first base for the 1986 World Series champion Mets and has since become a staple in the team's broadcast booth.

Still, all these years later, most people just want to talk about that time he was on Seinfeld.

Hernandez appeared in two episodes in 1992, "The Boyfriend: Part 1" and "The Boyfriend: Part 2," then returned for the series finale in 1998. He recently revealed that he still earns about $3,000 per year from royalties from those three appearances.

How often do the checks come?
Every time they show it. I get around -- I'm going to say they show my episode a lot. So I'm going to say I get a check every month. Nothing less than six weeks. They show it all the time. It's international and everything.

What do you make per episode, if you don't mind me asking?
It used to be almost $1,000. It diminishes as the years go by. So it gives me around $3,000 per year. I'll take it. For doing nothing. So you can imagine what Jerry gets. The principal actors, what they get.

The Brooklyn Cyclones knew that catching Hernandez's episodes in syndication wasn't enough for most diehard fans. So last year they hosted a "Salute to Seinfeld Night" when they gave out Keith Hernandez bobbleheads and everything:


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