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Happy Father's Day! Here's Ken Griffey Jr. and his dad hitting back-to-back home runs

See Ken Griffey Jr. and his dad hit back-to-back HRs

"If you build it, he will come." It's one of the most iconic quotes in the history of American cinema and it's just about a guy trying to have a catch with his dad. Some fathers and sons, though, are blessed with the ability to play catch so well that they both get to do so professionally.

Even fewer fathers and sons are blessed with ability and longevity, so that they can play professional baseball at the same time. Still fewer who play at the same time have gotten to play on the same team, let alone bat back-to-back in the same lineup.

On Sept. 14, 1990, a 40-year-old Ken Griffey Sr. hit a two-run home run in the top of the first inning. The next batter -- his 20-year-old son, Ken Griffey Jr. -- also hit a home run:


To this day, the Griffeys are the only father-son duo in MLB history to hit back-to-back home runs. Do yourself a favor and watch the video, like, five times and then call your old man.

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