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Ken Griffey Jr.'s custom duds give us a serious case of sweater envy

Ken Griffey Jr. gives us a case of sweater envy

There are ugly Christmas sweaters and then there are sweaters that are, unquestionably, downright beautiful. Ken Griffey Jr.'s new Christmas sweater is the latter:

Merry Christmas !!!!! Want to thank Ryan Murphy from M legend clothing for the custom Christmas sweater..

A photo posted by Ken Griffey Jr (@therealkengriffeyjr) on

What takes this from a theme-party sweater to a "We'll take 20, thank you very much" kind of sweater? Simple: Griffey's beautiful swing sewn onto the front.

Honestly, this makes us want to emblazon every single item of clothing we own with The Kid's silhouette. OK -- maybe not every piece of clothing. That might be the eggnog talking. But close.

What's for certain is that this certifiably proves Junior can look fly wearing anything -- even if it's a custom personalized sweater, like something Mrs. Weasley would knit.

We can't wait for next year and Derek "The Captain" Jeter's nautical-themed sweater.