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Kendrys Morales proves physics wrong, stops momentum entirely on amazing slide

Kendrys Morales breaks physics with great slide

I never took a single physics course in my entire life, but even I know (thanks to some Internet searching) that momentum is the multiplication of the mass of an object with the velocity of said object and that an object in motion tends to stay in motion. 

Simple, right? Defines the laws of the universe, yeah? 

On Friday night, that object in motion was Kendrys Morales. And rather than watching his momentum carry him where my math says he should have ended up: 


Morales instead decided to bring himself to a complete and standing stop, letting Russell Martin's momentum carry him out of the way and giving the Royals slugger a clear and easy path to the plate. 


Who knew that the natural laws which govern this existence were that easy to destroy?

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