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Clayton Kershaw and Jacob deGrom team up to make batters feel bad, combine to strike out 24

Kershaw and deGrom make batters sad with 24 Ks

Before Friday's NLDS Game 1 between the Mets and Dodgers, batters probably sat at their lockers, put their heads down and whispered to themselves, "My performance in today's game is not a reflection of my quality as a person." After all, facing the three-time Cy Young winner or the long-haired Mets All-Star probably meant they weren't going to be picking up a whole lot of hits. 

But no matter how many mantras they recited in the clubhouse, no one could be ready for the absolute Wiffle Ball-like performance from Clayton Kershaw and Jacob deGrom.  

The duo, which combined for 506 strikeouts during the regular season, with Kershaw being the first pitcher to top 300 K's since 2002, was in rare form. The two became the first duo to top 11 strikeouts each in a single postseason game -- Kershaw finishing with 11 punchouts in 6 2/3 innings and deGrom racking up 13 in seven frames while picking up the win along the way. 

All told, their absolute dominance looked a little something like this. Which is exactly how it would look if I were up to bat -- except for a lot more cowering in fear. 



Unfortunately for the hitters whose self-esteem is probably in a remarkably fragile state right now, Saturday's matchup isn't going to help them much. Zack Greinke and his 1.66 ERA is taking on Noah Syndergaard, who K'd 10 batters per nine in his rookie season. 

Yeah, just keep repeating "My performance in today's game is not a reflection of my quality as a person."

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