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Clayton Kershaw taught a master class on pickoffs, used Jose Altuve as example

Kershaw seamlessly picks off Altuve

When we show you a pickoff throw, it's usually not because it went seamlessly. In fact, that's never the reason we show you a pickoff throw


But today we're changing things up, because it's time to take a short break from watching pitchers throw to disembodied gloves or just destroying them altogether. During Sunday's Dodgers-Astros game, Clayton Kershaw (who else?) kindly decided to take some time out of his third inning to teach a master class in the art of the pickoff.

But first, he'll need a volunteer. Do we see a hand up? Or a nice ground-ball single? Thank you, Jose Altuve, the single will do just fine.

So you've got your runner on first. Now all you need to do is wait for him to take a lead, then -- and here's the key -- plant a foot so it's difficult to take off again. Quickly make the throw and if you did everything right, you'll record a pickoff:


PSA from Craig Kimbrel: Make sure there's actually someone on first to catch it:


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