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Kevin Kiermaier singled in the 12th inning and then A PIGEON FLEW AT HIS FACE

Kiermaier singled and then A PIGEON FLEW AT HIS FACE

The Rays and Yankees were deadlocked, 3-3, in the top of the 12th inning. With two runners on, Kevin Kiermaier hit an RBI single to center field. He stood at first base, basking in what at the time was the go-ahead run (the Yankees walked off in the bottom of the inning) and was removing his shin guard when, suddenly, A PIGEON FLEW AT HIS FACE.


Kiermaier reacted appropriately -- that is, with the sheer terror that someone should react with when something flies into one's face zone.

The bird, however, remained real chill.


Not cool, bird. Not. Cool. 

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