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Kevin Millar asks to see Dustin Pedroia's abs, so Pedroia obliges

Dustin Pedroia sends Kevin Millar photos of his abs

There's an ab-idemic in the Red Sox's clubhouse right now (Get it?) Just days after it was revealed that Shane Victorino was texting photos of his abs to John Farrell, Dustin Pedroia decided he had to get in on the act. So when Kevin Millar asked him to show off his rejuvenated upper body on "Intentional Talk," which you can see here at the 3:45 mark:

Pedroia had no choice but to respond. 

Which is basically what Batman would say ... if Batman went around sending pictures of his abs to people.

Now we'll just have to see if the Red Sox goes shirtless in their team photo, too. 

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