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Kevin Millar Cowboys it up with Ryan Dempster and John Lackey at Detroit-Dallas game

Millar Cowboys it up with Dempster and Lackey

There are many cowboy-themed articles of clothing featured in this photo of Kevin Millar, Ryan Dempster and John Lackey attending the Cowboys-Lions playoff game at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. They are, in order of cowboy-ness:

5. Ryan Dempster's Cowboys polo

4. Tie: Millar's Troy Aikman jersey, Lackey's Troy Aikman jersey

2. Millar's black cowboy hat

1. Lackey's white cowboy hat

No disrespect to Millar's, but you can just tell the Texas-born Lackey was born to wear that hat. He exudes cowboy. And if you're wondering where Dempster's 10-gallon is -- well, we'll cut the Canadian some slack. 

And it looks like the trio's Cowboys attire worked -- Dallas won the game, 24-20. 

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