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Kevin Pillar threw David Price's 100th-win ball into the crowd and now he wants it back

"It was in the greatest summer of my life ... when he taught me to play baseball, and he became my best friend. And he got me out of the biggest pickle I'd ever be in." - Scotty Smalls, "The Sandlot" (And now Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar, probably.)

You remember Smalls, the kid who had never heard of The Colossus of Clout (THE COLOSSUS OF CLOUT!) until he started playing sandlot ball with some neighborhood kids back in the summer of '62? When Hamilton Porter clocked a homer over the fence and into the junkyard owned by mean ol' Mr. Myrtle, Smalls tries to be the hero and fetches his dad's Babe Ruth-autographed ball so the guys can keep playing. 

Smalls knocks a dinger of his own into The Beast's abyss and the fellas spend the rest of the film trying their darndest to get it back. Well, Pillar can relate to Smalls' pickle because he just lost David Price's 100th-win ball.

Price -- acquired by the Blue Jays ahead of the non-waiver Trade Deadline -- recorded his 100th career win in a 5-1 Jays win over the Orioles on Saturday. Pillar was manning center field behind Price and caught a Jonathan Schoop line drive for the final out of the game. He turned and tossed it up into the seats at the Rogers Centre, unaware of its significance.

Well, when he realized his mistake, Pillar tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube:

Josh Donaldson even offered to up the ante on the reward for the fan in possession of the ball, should they be willing to part with their new souvenir:

We'd guess we were about a day or two away from the guys getting together in the Jays clubhouse with an erector Set or Troy Tulowitzki trying to hop over the wall to pickle the fan and get it back, but it seems the guys have heeded "The Sandlot's" lesson and just tried asking for help instead of rushing to judgment.

Still, would have been fun to see Russell Martin lower Donaldson into the seats at Rogers Centre via a homemade harness comprised of old catcher's equipment.