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Khris Davis robbed Freddie Freeman of a home run, but lost his glove over the wall to give it back

It's safe to say that Freddie Freeman experienced a roller coaster of emotion on Monday when he skied a Wily Peralta pitch to left field. Freeman sent the ball deep and hesitated in the box, half-running, half-admiring his work.

Brewers left fielder Khris Davis tracks the thing to the wall and times his jump perfectly, seemingly robbing Freeman of the dinger. Only Davis must have forgotten to soak his hands in Stick Em because the ball knocks the glove clear off Davis' hand and over the wall, giving the homer back to Freeman.

Davis Loses Glove

The Braves fans in the left field seats were kind enough to ignore the applicable "finders, keepers" law, tossing Davis' glove back down into play.

Davis Gets Glove Back

Chin up, Khris Davis ... it could have been worse:

Canseco Head Homer