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Young Red Sox fan gives away baseball, steals America's heart

On Friday night at Fenway Park, a young Red Sox fan was handed a foul ball. I'd keep it. You'd keep it. But not our young friend here. He was kind enough to offer it to the little girl behind him:


But for this fan, the kindness didn't just stop there.

Not only did he give up his only souvenir, but when the Red Sox broadcast team sent him a gift bag, he found something in it his new friend would like and gave it to her as well:


Red Sox field reporter Gary Striewski tracked the young fan down during the game and asked him about his kind gesture. Ryan, age 12, said that after seeing other people do the same thing on TV, he thought he'd give it a shot too.

"I thought it's a nice thing," he said. "And it's good to…make people happy." 

If this kid is our future, we're all going to be OK.