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Not even Kris Bryant's (virtual) face is safe from Kris Bryant's massive home runs

Earlier in Tuesday's Nationals-Cubs game, Kris Bryant looked on as fellow Las Vegan and probable home run cyborg Bryce Harper went yard, a shot across the bow in MLB's Great Wunderkind War of 2015. But Bryce, for seemingly the first time all year, had made a crucial mistake: His home run was too innocuous, simply landing in the bleachers in left. Sensing an opening in this never-ending game of home run H-O-R-S-E, Bryant responded -- specifically, with a round of Pin the Baseball on the Scoreboard: 

Bryant scoreboard HR

For the record, this 477-foot moonshot came in the bottom of the 8th inning, with the Cubs trailing by a run in a game they would eventually go on to win. Petition to decide any and all future contests by Bryant-Harper Home Run Thunderdome? Good, glad we're all on the same page.