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Kris Bryant drove a Lyft and quizzed unsuspecting passengers about Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant was a Lyft driver for a day

Kris Bryant is very good at baseball. His 24 home runs are second among MLB rookies and he's a fixture in the lineup for a Cubs team that looks bound for the postseason. He is also very good at pretending that he is not Kris Bryant.

Bryant was a Lyft driver for a day, driving around Chicago residents while asking them about baseball, the Cubs and just why his favorite player (himself) didn't have his picture up outside Wrigley Field. And he was a true pro at keeping a straight face through most of it. 

"He's kind of their poster boy," one passenger said of Bryant, to Bryant. That kind of flattery is good, but you still gotta tip. 

And kudos to the guy who asked Bryant, "So why aren't you in the pros, then?" and didn't die of embarrassment when Bryant revealed himself. 

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