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Kyle Schwarber shows his power on the golf course and naturally flips his golf club

With the world's eyes watching him in the Cubs' must-win one-game playoff against the Pirates on Wednesday, Kyle Schwarber showed off the kind of earth-shattering power that has big league pitchers quivering in fear. In the top of the third inning, Schwarber blasted a 450-foot shot straight out of PNC Park, throwing his bat down as he did. 

Turns out, he's just as good on the links. In a video uploaded by Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh on Thursday morning, you can watch as Schwarber goes all Happy Gilmore with a massive baseball swing at the ball -- driving it a reported 370 yards along the way. (I don't know how this is possible. The last time I went to a driving range, I missed the ball on about half my swings. And I was doing it the "right" way.)

Naturally, once Schwarber saw his blast, he had no choice but to express the pure joy in his soul through a golf club flip. 

For if you can't celebrate bizarre Calvinball-esque athletic achievements, what can you celebrate? 

(h/t FanGraphs