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Baseball gets revenge on Kyle Schwarber after foul tip, bounces off screen and hits him

Kyle Schwarber hits himself with his own foul ball

Kyle Schwarber's game seems to be tailor-made for the big-league level. He can hit, he can hit for power, he can catch and he's even playing a little outfield from time to time. But that doesn't mean his rookie campaign is without growing pains, as much of the equipment Schwarber uses is conspiring to unravel his debut season.

Earlier this month, the first-base bag at Citizens Bank Park tried to thwart Schwarber's two-home run effort by reaching out and tripping him on his second time around the bases:


And then -- in the first inning of Wednesday night's 4-1 loss to the Brewers -- a baseball that Schwarber tipped foul bounced off the screen behind home plate and made a beeline for his chest, punishing him for fighting off the pitch in the first place:


This is like that part in Hitchcock's "Birds" where Tippi Hedren starts to think maybe there's something weird going on. Either Schwarber's spikes will tie themselves together, or a hit will rip a hole in his glove. Only time will tell.

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