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Kyle Schwarber proved even his bunts are hit hard on this infield single

Even Kyle Schwarber's bunt are hit hard

If you're on this website and didn't accidentally get here by googling "Wade Boggs' famous chicken recipes," you likely already know that Kyle Schwarber is a big, strong human. 

And if you didn't know that, his massive blast out of PNC Park on Wednesday probably would have told you all you needed to know. 

So with the Cubs struggling to get on base in the team's eventual 4-0 loss to the the Cardinals in Game 1 of the NLDS on Friday night, it was up to some intrepid ballplayer to lay down a bunt and use his legs to beat it out. 

Who would it be? Dexter Fowler? Addison Russell? Perhaps even Anthony Rizzo, who stole a surprising 17 bases this year? 

Nope -- it was Kyle Schwarber. The same Kyle Schwarber who was 10th on the team in infield hits with four and who had never picked up a bunt single. 

In the top of the seventh and with the Cardinals shifted, the Cubs slugger had the entire third-base area open for him, begging to be used. Only problem: Schwarber's bunt didn't go there, so he needed to hustle. 

Turns out he had more than enough speed. 


While most bunts struggle to roll past the pitcher, Schwarber's was a powerful bunt-drive to short. Sometime in the future we're surely going to be writing articles about how Schwarber laced a bunt liner to the gap for extra bases. 

And while Schwarber's speed may seem surprising with his large, Hulk-like body, Statcast™ estimated the Cub at 20.07 mph. For those wondering, that's .03 mph faster than Rougned Odor, who ran the Blue Jays ragged earlier in the day. 

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