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Kyle Schwarber heads home to Ohio, ties and beats the Reds with two home runs

Schwarber hits tying, winning homers against Reds

Remember that moment in "Jurassic Park," when everyone realizes there's T-Rex around the corner after watching a puddle shake after every footstep? You know, this one:

Jurassic park puddle

For the past month or so, that's been Kyle Schwarber, and the rest of baseball has been the family waiting in terror. For months, he lurked in the shadows, raking his way through Double-A. And then, on June 16, with the Cubs in temporary need of a DH on an Interleague road trip, we got our first glimpse of the Hulk -- and he went 4-for-5 with a triple (!) in his first-ever start in Cleveland. Gulp.

But then, after just a week, he was gone. He wouldn't reemerge until All-Star Weekend at the Futures Game, where he showed that, no, the sight of a catcher built like a house legging out a triple did not mean you had to adjust your television set:

Schwarber triple

Then, finally, we got word: With the All-Star break behind us, Schwarber was in Chicago to stay. Uh-oh.

Jurassic park puddle

Which brings us to Tuesday night, with the Cubs taking on the Reds in Cincinnati -- just a 45-minute drive or so from Schwarber's hometown of Middletown. And lo, as the prophecy foretold, The Hulk announced himself, and then some. With Chicago down by two in the ninth, Schwarber stepped up with a runner on and promptly launched a moonshot into right:

Schwarber HR

But Schwarber wasn't nearly done. One dinger, even of the game-tying variety, is the realm of the normal baseball player. Kyle Schwarber is, uh, not normal. So, with the game still tied in the 13th, this happened:

Schwarber second homer

That blast ended up winning the game, because if "Jurassic Park" has taught us anything, it's that you don't mess with a T. Rex.

Jurassic Park

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