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The LaTroy Hawkins Fan Club has followed him to Spring Training for nine different teams

LaTroy Hawkins has had a long career. He's played for 10 different franchises -- starting with nine seasons for the Twins, and then embarking on the kind of odyssey so many relievers go on in the their thirties and forties, logging time with the Cubs, Giants, Orioles, Rockies, Yankees, Astros, Brewers, Angels, Mets, and now back with the Rockies.

He's gone to Spring Training with nine of those clubs (he joined the Giants in mid-season), in various spots in both Arizona and Florida. And a few dedicated fans have followed him to every single one.

In the case of the LaTroy Hawkins Fan Club, the word "fans" might not actually tell the whole story. Hawkins himself refers to the members of the LHFC as his "family." He's joined members of the club, which was formed in 2000, for birthday parties, barbecues, trips to the zoo, and much more.

The club has stepped in numerous times to help Hawkins out -- and he's definitely given back, too. For instance, shortly after giving birth to their daughter Troi, Hawkins' wife Anita needed hernia surgery and was unable to lift her. LHFC members took shifts coming to their home to feed and bathe Troi. And what did Hawkins say when a teenaged LHFC member asked if he could drive Hawkin's BMW to his junior prom? No problem.

The club may have been founded by Twins fans, but they've stuck with Hawkins throughout his MLB journey. Read more about Hawkins and his "family" at ESPN.

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