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Let's break down the speediest moments from the LCS thanks to MLB Statcast

The World Series is going to be chock-full of goodies: mascots, superfans, Steve Perry probably. And speed. As in, really, really fast players.

The Royals and Giants must've been wearing their PF Flyers during each team's respective LCS matchup, because there were some real burners on display. Now, thanks to MLB Statcast, we know the exact speeds reached during the ALCS and NLCS.

Think of this as a preview of what's to come -- just don't look away or you'll miss it.

Let's start with Jarrod Dyson, the man with "Zoom" shaved into his head.


The Royals' speed specialist got nabbed stealing here, but he was a threat to the Orioles for the entire series. That's what happens when you break 20 mph going from first to second.

Not to be outdone, the Giants offer Hunter Pence, who went from zero to nearly-beating-the-infield-throw in a flash. Someone make a sign about that.


The Royals also boast human highlight reel Lorenzo Cain, who covered so much ground in center field at such breakneck speeds that our jaws dropped on multiple occasions. Here he is running 82 feet at 21.2 mph -- about as efficient a route as you're going to see.


The Giants had fun with two runners going roughly 20 mph -- Juan Perez just under and Matt Duffy just over. No surprise here that Duffy scored from second:


The Royals see the double runners and match it with Alcides Escobar burning to first, and pinch-runner, blink-and-he's-gone Terrance Gore flying into home:


Phew. If this is the kind of speed we're going to see during the World Series, we might be better off watching the Fall Classic in slow motion this year.