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Listen to Bo Jackson sum up his entire career for Adam LaRoche's son

Normally, we try not to overpromise around here, but let's make an exception: Watch the video up top because it is truly amazing.

Dual-sport legend and video game superhero Bo Jackson has been visiting White Sox camp out in Arizona, and on Thursday, he took some time to chat with Drake LaRoche, son of first baseman Adam LaRoche.

Drake, of course, was not alive when Jackson became a household name for his astonishing athletic achievements both in football and in baseball. So, over the course of one minute and 40 seconds, Jackson reduced his entire career down for the younger LaRoche's benefit.

He walked him through the whole thing -- the Heisman Trophy Award, the NFL dominance, the All-Star Game MVP -- all of it. We all know how incredible Jackson was in his prime, but it's still pretty cool to hear about it directly from him.

Even if he did forget to mention the whole Tecmo Bowl thing: