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Little Astros fan snags foul ball, promptly gives it up to even littler Astros fan

As this season has shown, you can catch a foul ball in a hilariously wide variety of ways. But uniting them all is the one Golden Rule of foul ball etiquette: always, always, always give that thing up to whatever young fan is closest to you. Which makes what happened during Wednesday night's Rangers-Astros game all the more remarkable.

Adrian Beltre fouled one off down the first-base line, and the ball ended up in the glove of an eager young 'Stros fan. No reason to overthink this one, right? 


Astros Fan Catch

Really, the kid didn't have anything to lose by hanging on to the ball: He's well within the age range where it's socially appropriate to pocket it and have everyone around him pat on him the back. Instead, though, he immediately gave it to an even tinier fan nearby, ensuring the sanctity of the unwritten rules of foul ball etiquette for generations to come -- and causing the fans around him to line up to shake his hand, which is probably just as cool of a souvenir.