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Louisiana college awards baseball scholarship to female pitcher

La. college awards scholarship to female pitcher

We giggled with delight when female knuckleballer Chelsea Baker made the Rays look foolish during batting practice, last season and we're still in awe of pitcher/motivational speaker/actress/author Mo'ne Davis.

Now, prepare yourself to watch Sarah Hudek strike out the boys.

Hudek -- the daughter of MLB All-Star pitcher John Hudek -- has been awarded a baseball scholarship by Bossier Parish Community College outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. The 5-foot-10-inch Hudek touts an 82 mph fastball and is currently working on her cutter.

The Bossier Parish Community College baseball team will make history on Wednesday when head coach Aaron Vorachek signs Sarah Hudek to a baseball scholarship at a 6 p.m. ceremony in her hometown of Houston.

"This is not a gimmick and I could care less about media attention," Vorachek said. "I'm signing her to help us win ballgames."

For her part, Hudek seems excited to get to work.

"Coach Vorachek is a great guy who sees me as a player who can help his team and not just as a girl. He has accepted me as a player," Hudek told The Times. "I'm excited about the opportunity and I'll do whatever I can to help BPCC win games."

To learn more about Hudek and her baseball background, check out her bio video for USA Baseball.