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Man paints Busch Stadium on his chest, forever changes the definition of art

Man shows off Busch Stadium painting on his chest

What is art? Is it a pretty painting of fruit hanging in a museum? An assembly of forms and shapes on a canvas? Those three people soaking in blue Jell-o outside your apartment and yelling about "THE FUTURE?" 

Well, we can put that debate to bed now, because we just found the only thing that anyone will ever consider art again: This guy's chest. 

Titled, I dunno, probably "Dude's Chest Covered in Painting of Busch Stadium," by an artist at the Social House Bar in Soulard, using paints seemingly forged in the fires of hell, this is a composition that forces the viewer to think and feel. 


(Photo by Laurie Skrivan, STLToday)

Namely, thoughts like "I wonder how long that took?" and feelings like "Oh my god. I feel sick to my stomach." 

Of course (and I say this only as someone who took multiple art history classes in college), I have one issue with the piece: Why didn't they use the belly button as the natural place for home plate? That just seems to be an oversight. 

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