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Chris Davis starts at third base, makes nice play with Manny Machado's magical gold glove

Chris Davis makes play at third base using Machado's glove

With Manny Machado out, Chris Davis, who's played just 96 career games at third base (the last instance being in 2011), started at the hot corner during Monday's Rangers-Orioles game. He looked pretty good, particularly on this play in the second inning.


While we'd like to believe this backhanded smoothness was all Chris Davis' doing, let's take a closer look at that glove.


Ah, OK. Turns out Davis was using the gold-trimmed glove Machado utilizes to do stuff like this.




It all makes sense now.


That's a nice 5-3 putout by Chris Davis, h/t Manny Machado's mitt. That's the power of glove.

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