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Manny Ramirez began his run of eight dingers in five games with three in one night against Toronto

Remembering Manny's eight dingers over five days

You may remember earlier this season, when Nelson Cruz set baseball on fire with six dingers over the span of five games. Jaws were dropped; shameless nicknames were given. Over one home run a game! Hitting a baseball is just not that easy to do

... unless, of course, you're Manny Ramirez, who sees your six home runs in five games and raises you eight of them -- starting with three against the Blue Jays on Sept. 15, 1998. Feast your eyes on that sweet, sweet swing:

From there, the Indians outfielder would move on to the Twins -- he hit two dingers against Minnesota the next night, and another on the 17th to raise his total to six over three games. He took a breather on the 18th, going 0-for-4 against the Royals, but on the 19th he was back at it again: Two more homers, upping his total to eight over five days. 

Sadly, he wouldn't hit another one over the final week of the season, presumably just to make us think he wasn't an alien sent to Earth bent on the destruction of baseballs.

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