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Marcus Stroman has decided to start calling Mark Buehrle 'dad'

Mark Buehrle has spent his 15 seasons in MLB largely without a nickname that's stuck. Since 2000, he's simply been the five-time All-Star, Gold Glove-winning, perfect game-throwing Mark. But fellow Blue Jay Marcus Stroman has a nickname suggestion for Buehrle's 16th season: "Dad."

The National Post's John Lott reports on this intra-Jays dad news:

"He's always got his eye on me, I think a little more on me more so than anyone else because I need it a little more. He's the father of the group, and I love Buehrle, man," Stroman told Lott.

Buehrle does have two real children, so it's probably not that weird for someone to call him dad. 

Plus, if you're going to adopt a baseball dad, someone who's thrown 200+ innings in every one of his 15 seasons but the first is not a bad choice.