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Joey Votto singled on a line drive that just would not go into Matt Carpenter's glove

We recently documented the understated baseball brilliance of Joey Votto, praising his uncommon patience, batting eye and that sweet, compact swing. But if Wednesday's Reds-Cardinals game was any indication, we may have overlooked the most critical component of his success: Namely, an ability to apparently control baseballs with his mind.

Facing Lance Lynn in the top of the fourth, Votto lined one right at second baseman Matt Carpenter -- until some very, very dark magic got involved, sending the ball spinning out of Carpenter's glove and tantalizingly out of reach like that scene from "Angels in the Outfield":

Carpenter error

Forgive us, Lord Votto, for we have sinned against your almighty baseball powers. We will offer sacrifices to the great nation of Canada as penance.