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Starting Nine: Garza shines in Rangers debut

Many things are happening -- on Cut4, in baseball and out there in the rest of the world. Here are nine you need to know about today.

1. Matt Garza made his first start for the Rangers on Wednesday, taking on the Yankees in Texas. His transition back to the AL was a smooth one, as the right-hander allowed one run and struck out five in the win.

2. Like walk-off hits? Here's a doozy from Wednesday's Royals-Orioles game. The fact that it comes down to a throw at the plate makes it all the more exciting:

3. Remember Yasiel Puig? He was that guy on the Dodgers who was doing everything one could possibly do on the baseball field? Well, if Puig's lack of All-Star selection clouded your memory, here's a highlight from Wednesday that should bring it all back:

4. Isn't friendship beautiful? Take a look at this moving, emotional montage of BFFs Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus pranking one another. *Sniffle* where are the tissues?

5. Freddie Freeman plays for the Braves and, as such, is required to find new and innovative ways to annoy the Mets. Here he is breaking their stadium (albeit accidentally):


6. Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of George Brett's Pine Tar Game. Take a moment to replay the on-field kerfuffle and listen to Brett reminisce about one of his more lasting moments:

7. This Red Sox fan made an excellent barehanded grab during Wednesday's game at Fenway, then punk'd his friend. (Note the friend's last-ditch high-five attempt):


8. Jason Sudeikis announced on the Late Show that he's definintely not returning to SNL in the fall (presumably to spend more time focusing on other interests, like riding Dumbo with Olivia Wilde). Let's remember how great his Joe Biden impression was:

9. The observant among you will have notice that we've launched a new Cut4 redesign! It's now easier to scroll through posts, find more content you care about and -- if you like something -- share it with your friends. Enjoy…