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Matt Harvey and A.J. Burnett keep their Batman cred with dingers during Comic-Con

When Matt Harvey takes the mound at Citi Field, the stadium is transformed into the Bat Cave. With Gotham's Dark Knight on the mound, the fans sport Batman masks, not being all that different from the townspeople drawing the Batman symbol with chalk in The Dark Knight Rises

At the same time, Pittsburgh has their own claim to the Batman throne. Pirates starter A.J. Burnett has a Batman tattoo, shows up at his childrens' school dressed as the Dark Knight and will be wearing Batman cleats when he arrives at his first All-Star Game in 17 years on Tuesday: 

So, naturally, on Saturday, in the middle of the San Diego Comic-Con and on the day that the new "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer was released, both of them went deep. Of course, while "Batman V Superman" is all about muted colors, sadness and cool dudes fighting each other instead of being friends, these home runs were simply about beauty and goodness and fun. They were the Adam West version of Batman. It's actually pretty shocking that a giant POW or ZONK didn't fill the screen when they made contact. 

After Harvey used his Batman-handled bats to go deep earlier in the day ...


... Burnett followed suit. While it was the fourth of Burnett's career, it was his first since July 24, 2005, when he went deep off of Kevin Correia. While we don't have Statcast™ data for that one, Saturday's was estimated at 401.09 feet. Not bad for a hero without superpowers. 


 After all, some days you just can't resist hitting a bomb.