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Matt Harvey is an All-Star at getting dressed, is one of 2014's most fashionable New Yorkers

Matt Harvey on list of most fashionable New Yorkers

Quick, what do Heidi Klum and Matt Harvey have in common? Okay, fine, they're two more people in this world that have no interest in reading my screenplay and don't want to chat on the subway, but what else is there? Only one has ever hosted a reality show and only one has a close association with Seal (Harvey is probably jamming out to "Kiss From a Rose" right now).

It turns out that both Klum and Harvey were among the most fashionable New Yorkers of 2014, according to a list by Us Weekly. But can you guess who said what about their style inspiration?

Heidi Klum or Matt Harvey?

1. "When I need to put on something easy but I know will always look good, I usually go with a white button-down."

2. "Growing up, I was in awe of Cher in her Bob Mackie gowns-more sparkles! More feathers!"

3. "Everyone will think that coffee stain is just a daring new print, don't worry about it."

Fine, 3 is a trick question, that's just what I say to myself in the mirror every morning. 

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