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Matt Joyce vows to never be late again with roughly 8,000 phone alarms

Matt Joyce sets 800 phone alarms so he won't be late

When Matt Joyce was dropped from the lineup on Monday after showing up late to the park, having confused a day game for a night game, I understood his pain. After all, who hasn't made an absolute mess of their schedule? In just the last few months, I've shown up six hours early to a ballpark thinking it was a day game, went to a doctor's appointment a full day early, and have been late to work because I thought it was a Saturday. 

Knowing that he couldn't make a habit of arriving late, at least if he wanted to remain employed by the Angels, Joyce has added a number of alarms to his phone to ensure that he's never late again: 

If that doesn't work, he may have no choice but to begin tattooing the team's schedule onto his body a la "Memento." 


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