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Max Scherzer trolls Gio Gonzalez for bragging about being in the best shape of his life

Scherzer relentlessly trolls Gonzalez over tweet

Gio Gonzalez works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey. The Nationals starting pitcher recently took to Twitter to let everyone on the internet know that he's really getting after it this spring.

Let's Go To work #RunForrestRun

A photo posted by Gio Gonzalez (@giogonzalez47) on

Gonzo's new rotation mate Max Scherzer wasn't particularly impressed by his workout regimen. More than that, though, Scherzer felt compelled -- nay -- inspired to use Gonzalez's tweet as an opportunity to create art in the form of a trolling campaign to demonstrate just how hard everyone else on the Nats' staff is working.

All kidding aside, the joke is going to be on the rest of MLB when the Nats come out of this troll fest/Spring Training in ... THE BEST SHAPE OF THEIR LIVES!

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