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Andrew McCutchen's mom sang the national anthem before the NL Wild Card Game again

McCutchen's mom sings Wild Card national anthem

For the third straight season, Andrew McCutchen and the Pirates are playing in the NL Wild Card Game presented by Budweiser at PNC Park. Cutch and the Buccos beat the Reds, 6-2, in the 2013 game, but lost 2014's version to the eventual World Series champion Giants.

So, what was the variable that allowed the Pirates to win in 2013, but had them lose in 2014? You could make an argument that it was Madison Bumgarner's dominance last year, but you'd be wrong. The real difference was that last year the Pirates were without their good-luck charm: Andrew McCutchen's mom

Petrina McCutchen has a heck of a singing voice and has lent her talent to the Pirates, for whom she's performed the national anthem a bunch of times, including prior to that 2013 Wild Card Game victory:

In 2014, the Pirates tempted fate and gave the honor to recording artist Maddie Georgi and paid the ultimate price for it, losing 8-0 while managing just four hits off MadBum, who tossed a 10-K shutout.


A year later, it seems the team has learned its lesson as Mrs. McCutchen was invited back to perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" ahead of Wednesday's Wild Card matchup against the Cubs.

Who needs a rabbit's foot when you've got pipes like Mrs. McCutchen's?

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