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Meet Jonathan, that crazy-dancing Marlins fan kid

Meet Jonathan, that crazy-dancing Marlins fan kid

By now, your mom has surely emailed you a link to some morning talk show segment discussing a young Marlins fan with ridiculous dance moves. That kid's name is Jonathan and he's all of 8 years old.

Last year, Jonathan made it onto the Marlins Park video board and went absolutely berserk.

Marlins Kid

The clip was so incredible that it's been featured in a package of outtakes that occasionally airs on the big screen at the stadium in 2014. Someone took a Vine of the clip, posted it to the Internet and *voila* Jonathan is throwing out the first pitch before the Phillies-Marlins game on Tuesday.

He says that his mom and dad taught him to dance like that which is sweet if not downright terrifying.

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