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Meet the 'Simpsons' writer who named the Dodgers-affiliated Albuquerque Isotopes

Art imitates life, life imitates art and baseball imitates The Simpsons. The beloved animated series introduced the Springfield Isotopes in 1990, when Homer's ballpark dance moves earned him a job as their mascot. In a twelfth-season episode, the team considered relocating to Albuquerque.

Two years later, the Triple-A Calgary Cannons moved to New Mexico. Named in homage to the TV show -- as well as to the state's history of nuclear research -- the real-life Albuquerque Isotopes first took the field in 2003.

Announcer Josh Suchon sat down with The Simpsons' own Ken Levine to learn more abot the origins of the name. (If the writing staff had held off on brainstorming until after their lunch break, who knows what the team might be called?)