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The Mets will usher in a tangent reality if they defy 'Back to the Future' and beat the Cubs

Daniel Murphy might single-handedly unravel our entire universe as we know it as he's homering left, right and left again to push the Mets past the Cubs in the NLCS.

By now, you're surely familiar with the prophecy foretold by the 1989 film "Back to the Future II," the one that predicted the Cubs would win the 2015 World Series.

And -- with Murphy and the Mets holding a commanding 3-0 series lead -- it looks like the space-time continuum as we know it may be in jeopardy. As Doc Brown so eloquently explained in the film, altering the events of the reality we're living can have permanent, catastrophic results:

So, while McFly may have undone most of the damage done by Future Biff giving Grays Sports Almanac to 1955 Biff, he may also have forced changes in our reality by saving the skin of his future kids (or allowing Biff to make those initial changes to begin with).

And if the Mets beat the Cubs in Game 4, we know for sure that we haven't returned to the exact reality we were living in before Marty and Doc went to the future (and before Future Biff went to 1955). So, we'd better start frantically checking pictures of our families to make sure that they're not fading from the images. And then we'd better brace ourselves for a new world that's some sort of pre-Back to the Future II/post-Back to the Future II hybrid reality that might look something like this:

Donald Trump will become our 45th president

Screenwriter Bob Gale penned "Back to the Future II" and has admitted that the Biff Tannen who rose to power in 1985A was partly based on Donald Trump. If we're splitting the difference between the two realities, it would only make sense that the inspiration for the character experiences some added success. Since he happens to be running for president, it's entirely possible that it's the result of this hybrid reality caused by or directly related to the Mets beating the Cubs.

The Mets won the 1993 World Series

Think about it: The Cubs were foretold to have won the 1993 World Series in "Rookie of the Year." They were foretold to have won the 2015 Fall Classic in "Back to the Future II." If our new hybrid timeline has the Mets winning it all in '15 instead of the Cubbies, maybe the same would have been true for the '93 campaign. Sorry, Blue Jays fans.

Sons of Anarchy is rebooted as a ultra reality show 

In 1985A, Hill Valley appears to be controlled by motorcycle gangs. Since his bid to be Christian Grey didn't pan out and "Sons of Anarchy" has officially run its course, the logical next step for Charlie Hunnam would be to start an actual motorcycle gang and attempt to seize power in California. Petaluma, Calif., served as the fictional Hill Valley in the "Back to the Future" trilogy. Hunnam's SAMCRO patroled parts of San Joaquin County, about two hours east. By this time next year you won't be able to drive from L.A. to Oakland without paying his toll.

Joe DiMaggio managed Willie Mays and the New York/San Francisco Giants

We know from the video shown outside The Biff Tannen Museum in 1985A that young Biff briefly dates Marilyn Monroe. Monroe and Joltin' Joe DiMaggio famously married (and divorced) in 1954, shortly after the Yankee Clipper turned down the opportunity to manage the then-Brooklyn Dodgers. If we're looking for a compromise between our two realities, we could conceive a scenario in which Biff still somehow manages to date Monroe and DiMaggio takes the Giants managerial vacancy following the 1955 season -- eventually helping Willie Mays and Co. move to his native Bay Area to establish a winning tradition in San Francisco.

Ya know, or the Cubs could just win four straight against the Mets and then another four against the AL champs to fulfill the prophecy and save us all the heartache of trying to wrap our minds around human existence as we perceive it.