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Reminder: Steven Matz is a-Matz-ing at spinning things on his finger

Watch Steven Matz spin random things on his finger

With Steven Matz making his MLB debut for the Mets on Sunday afternoon, it's the perfect time to remind ourselves that Matz harbors a special talent for spinning literally anything on his finger.

A painting? Sure. Big pot? Definitely. Giant couch cushion? Absolutely!

Thanks to these Vines that Matz's former teammate T.J. Chism recorded back in February 2014, we know that Matz can spin anything he wants. We can only imagine the things he's spun on his finger in the past year. 

A few other suggestions that we'd like to see Matz spin on his shockingly strong index finger: a bowling ball, one of his fellow Mets rotation mates, all of his rotation mates, a car, the Earth on its axis.

And just wait until he has an off-day in New York and goes to a pizzeria. There'll be spinning pies everywhere!

h/t Amazin' Avenue

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